The Bulgarian Group Shines and Amazes, the Individuals: Not So Much

This spring at the World Cup in Sofia, the Bulgarian group has made everyone rise on their feet and jump with joy and pride.  Both of their routines have been amazing, but especially the clubs and hoop routine.

The Bulgarian group also replaced Eli Bineva with the former individual competitor Erika Zafirova and it handled this challenge gracefully.  As the group won the all around gold and despite some mistakes in the finals, it truly dazzled.

Last year the group began its journey to writing history in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics with a ground-breaking, high-speed 5-hoop routine, which showcased a lot of risk and a musical interpretation from another level.

This year, both the 5-ball routine and the mixed routine have risen to the same level.

I just can't help but wish that the individuals attempted a complex choreography of the same scale and effort. Unfortunately, although Boryana Kaleyn's routines have some original and wonderfully choreographed parts, these routines are not there yet. As for the Vladinova and Taseva routines,  I have felt that they just don't "shine" this season.

While the gymnasts are not in top form yet, I think many fans expected that Taseva and Vladinova will both truly represent the Bulgarian style.  A style and choreography that makes you say: wow, this is different.

Not this season, but perhaps soon, as Kaleyn matures into the exciting gymnast and superb athlete she can become.