Bulgaria Back on the Gymnastics Carpet with Strong Hope for New Beginnings

This year Neviana Vladinova and her coach Branimira Markova brought hope and joy to the hearts of thousands of gymnastics fans who like to see original and very risky routines. Neviana is showing skills that are, compared to both modern gymnasts, and the tradition of the older Bulgarian school, a true higher level of mastery. Her beautiful coach, Branimira, was world champion in the team event in 1993 alongside the European champion Yulia Baitcheva and the three-time world champion Maria Petrova. On some pictures, Branimira and Neviana look somewhat alike, but in gymnastics terms, the difficulty of what Neviana demonstrates is several times times greater.

Neviana has truly challenged herself and brought lots of attention onto the Bulgarian school and style once again. She deserves a spot in the top 8 and, in the future: medals. For now we simply wish her to be strong, inspired and calm!

Meanwhile, Tsvetelina Stoyanova's recovery is progressing well and she is working with physical therapists to increase her movement range and recover to a very large extent the quality of life she had before her accident. The rhythmic group could not have prayed for better news than this. As this amazing group steps on the carpet to fight for a medal, they should be proud of how much they have endured and how much they have achieved. The value of becoming a better athlete, a better person and a better friend beats any medal, but they are also ready to battle for any medal. This is a very important year for Bulgarian gymnastics where we plant the seeds of new success and move past hardship and disappointment. 


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