Bright Red from CSKA, Bulgaria

Bilyana Prodanova, who I think is the the best gymnast in Bulgaria after the veteran Miteva,  presented  her fiery hoop routine at the CSKA Cup this year:

Although we can easily see many errors in this performance, I believe we can also see a lot of potential. Bilyana has all the qualities a world class gymnast needs. What she also needs, however, is for the national coach Iliana Raeva to support her effort instead of constantly berating her. After every competition, we are told Bilyana made too many errors, while Raeva's protegees, Tsvetelina Stoyanova and Maria Mateva, always receive a pat on the shoulder and a rating of "good" or "very good."

Recently, Raeva has announced that if Bilyana makes errors at one more competition, she would never again compete at the World Cup or other prestigious international competitions. Given that Prodanova has two new and very difficult routines, and especially after this ultimatum, this wonderful gymnast is now more than ever likely to make errors. So I anticipate her career to end in the next couple of months. Just like it happened with Marina Stoimenova and Filipa Siderova, although Siderova did try to compete for another country for a while, a brave effort.

Bilyana is a silver and bronze medalist from the Junior Europen Championship in Moscow in 2006, and a winner of two silver medals from a World Cup event in 2009, as a senior gymnast. I wholeheartedly support Bilyana and her coach's effort to create a powerful gymnast with her own artistic style. I hope I am very wrong about my prediction that Raeva has launched an attack on Bilyana. Either way, I love her new hoop routine and I hope you will enjoy it, fellow fans! :-)

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