One of the Best Rope Routines Ever, by Oksana Skaldina

Here is a special greeting for my friend Oksana Gorokhovskiy who turns 30 today, from another beautiful Oksana:

This is one of the best-choreographed rope routines, which showcases strong apparatus technique.

Born in 1972, Oksana Skaldina is the absolute world champion for 1991 and won a gold with clubs at the 1991 European Cup finals. She also won 3 gold medals at the Euroepan Championship in 1992 (rope, hoop and ribbon), as well as the bronze at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Why Oksana was placed behind the Spanish star Carolina Pascual at the Olympics is somewhat of a mystery to me, and a result that I attribute to politics and "host privileges."

And here is a rope routine by Daria Svatkovskaya, Oksana's daughter, following in her celebrity mom's foot steps, or rather, leaps. :-)

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